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Donations are important to help any non-profit thrive. This is why we look to you to help bring support and comfort to fighting families. We are a tax-deductible 501c3 organization which means any cash donation given can be written off on taxes. We also take donations in form of toys (only new as these kids have either a weakened immune system or a sibling of a kid with a weakened immune system) as well as hospital bag item donations. There will also be opportunities to sponsor a kid and pay special attention to them and their family. Pretty much any way you want to help, we will take it!

LL's Baytoevan's Love is a completely non-profit foundation which means all of our income goes back to fighting families. We look to you to help bring the ultimate support to these families. If you are part of a business we would be happy to help promote by place our gratitude on websites, social media, and events. Just let us know how you would like to help! 

Donate today to help kids like Evan and Toby 

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