President Jenny  

Jenny (left) and Vanessa (right), her best friend, started LL's Baytoevan's Love when Jenny's son relapsed. They saw a need for a more specific foundation that caters to bringing comfort to families fighting, because it is the family as a whole that suffers. 

Their passion for being advocates for childhood cancer started years back as they watched friends and siblings of fighters go through it. 

Vice President, Jen

Jen met Jenny at Children’s Hospital Colorado shortly after her own son, Connor, relapsed with leukemia.  Over the past 1.5 years, Jen and Jenny have become great friends and find much-needed support in each other. Jen personally understands the need that LL’s Baytoevan’s Love will fulfill for local families and is especially excited about the sibling support program.   Siblings are often pushed to the side when a brother/sister is diagnosed with cancer, and it can be very difficult for them to find where they fit in. There are currently very few programs for siblings of pediatric cancer patients.  In an effort to change that, Jenny and Vanessa brought a smile to Connor's sister, Chloe, on several occasions.  Now it’s time for Jen to pay-it-forward!

Director of Marketing and Technology, Colette

Colette has great compassion for families dealing with cancer. Her husband, Shaun, is a cancer survivor and was diagnosed with stage II prostate cancer at the young age of 44. She has known Jenny for over 20 years and versed in the fast changing world of digital media. Colette is an experienced web designer with a degree in Marketing. As an employee of another non-profit organization, she hopes to increase childhood cancer awareness and reach new families impacted by the disease.

Media Manager, Danielle

Danielle’s interest in supporting kids who need help or guidance started at a young age. Her passion is innate and is vivid when you see her around her students. As a 5th grade teacher in the Douglas County School District, she has always had the philosophy that kids come first and student achievement, not just academically, is the key to success for kids of any age. Her goal with this organization is to help support others in need and continue guiding kids to be the best version of themselves.

Board Member, Stephanie

Stephanie has a personal connection to childhood cancer, as her own son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2011. She understands how difficult navigating life after a diagnosis is, and the unique struggles the entire family faces when one child is dealing with a critical illness. Serving the family as a whole and assisting others who are in the midst of their childhood cancer journey is a passion for Stephanie, and she is excited and grateful to be involved with an organization such as LL’s Baytoevan’s Love. She is looking forward to giving back to the community that provided needed support when her own world came crashing down.  
Stephanie also brings a wealth of knowledge to the Foundation as she has years of fundraising and outreach experience for numerous cancer and veteran organizations, and holds a degree in Communication and Nonprofit Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver. 

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