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a checklist to help hospital stays be more comfortable for you & your fighter

1. Hospital "Go" Bag 

Do you have your hospital bag packed and ready for those late-night fevers? This makes it easier to just grab and run. Have your fighter's 2nd favorite blanket or the blanket and pillow supplied by our Hospital Bag Program.

2. Ask About Air Moisture

The hospital offers moisture to the air (not a humidifier). This does 2 things for you, it creates white noise to drown out the hospital noises and it offers more moisture because as we all know, the hospital is super dry.

3. Entertainment

It has been suggested by many moms to invest in Apple TV or the Firestick to be able to watch more shows and movies. Also, bringing your own Xbox/Playstation allows the kids to be able to still connect with their friends

4. SEt Up a meal train

We all know that hospital meals get old. This will allow family, friends and even us to be able to send you food when needed. You can have it

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