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Hospital Bags

We understand the urgency of middle-of-the-night hospital visits, that is why we created the LL's Baytoevan's Love Hospital Bag program. 

Fevers never seem to come during a normal hour. Our hospital bag is set up items we felt were of great importance and still has ample room to add other necessities that one may need.

Hospital Bags include but are not limited to:


Comfort Blanket

Travel Pillow

Nail File

Travel bottles

Travel bag 

Rolling duffel bag 

And much more...

Holiday Program

Our holiday program has wish-lists for individual kids, and opportunities to adopt a family, or donate to Children's Hospital. 

Relapse Wish Program

We have been lucky to be able to have granted the wish of 2 relapsed kids. One, unfortunately, passed as the wish was being provided. We are excited to continue this program with the help of our donors!

Hannahs siblings.jpg

Super Hero Sibling Program

Siblings often have to endure almost as much as the fighters but in a very different way. They have to have their entire world shaken, watch their sibling (who is oftentimes their best friend) be extremely sick and they do not always understand why or what is happening. Some siblings have to spend weeks at grandparents while other siblings have to watch their entire family be torn apart right in front of their eyes. Mom and Dad have to either switch off and find sitters for the siblings of the fighter.  Also, the fighter gets a lot of attention (rightfully so), but this leaves the siblings to feel forgotten and at times they even feel less loved. This is why we created our sibling program. We want to be the ones to show these siblings that they are super heroes to us! We offer sibling events and sibling care packages.


Project Childhood Cancer Resources

Our resource program contains Childhood Cancer resources that serve the state of Colorado. We hope to expand this reach in the future.

Click the logo image on the resource pamphlet or go to our resource page to learn more.


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