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Cap for kids does more than provide financial support, they become friends

Provides a free profile page to allow family to stay up to date

Provides encouragement and prayers

Helps sarcoma patients by improving access to care

Resource's for children, young adults and their siblings 

Strives to be a leader in case management rising above

Provides an online community

Develops teen friendly hospital environment

Provides a voice for children and siblings through documentaries

Provides any kind of support one may need during more critical stage 

Provides free programs, education and resources

Provides a variety of tools to help a child deal with the diagnoses 

Provides medical information, treatment tools and resources

Provides hospital companions

Provides online resources

Provides house cleaning

Provides information and resources

Helps kids overcome social isolation

Matches patients and families who have like diagnoses for support

Creates media based programs to enhance the quality of life

Provides free professional support

Helping teens connect with other teens

Cancer support helpline and support rescources

Connecting teens to talk about everything but their diagnoses

Provides Buddies who have gone through like experiences 

Provides support and resources

Online community for teens and parents to find support

One to one cancer support

Providing support to teens with a loved one battling cancer

Provides an online community

Provides online wellness support and resources

An international support network

Empowers Children and family members

A global community for young adults

Inspire and empower people to live strong

Provides information for teens

Encourages websites

Online community for adolescents 

Certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. "Touched by a horse". 

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