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What to do when experiencing and anxiety attack?

Jennifer Geselevich


Anxiety attacks happen to all, but especially those with medically fragile children and/or special needs children. Being in tune with ones body will help one know how to calm surroundings before anxiety takes over

Experiencing an anxiety attack can be scary and often times can be considered something else if one is not in tune to ones body. Heart attack and illness are common misinterpretations of an anxiety attack. Being in tune with ones body can help one to know the anxiety is creeping up. Anxiety usually shows with butterflies (not the good kind) in the stomach, heart palpitations, sweating palms, light heatedness and more. If one starts to feel overwhelmed with anxiety it is best to slow down or stop what one is doing and take 5-10 minutes to re-ground oneself. Starting with paying attention to breathing. Make sure breaths are slow and even, in through nose and out through mouth (if you have a stuffy nose you can take slow even breathes through the mouth). Pay attention to the diaphragm (breathing in should make stomach go out and breathing out should make stomach go in) In the moment one must then start to recognize surrounds, what are 5 things you hear? 3 things you see? two things you can touch? 1 thing you can smell? This takes one away from the anxious thoughts and grounds them. Finding a good meditation in that works for you is important and helpful as well. I have one I often use and can send a video if one would like

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